Swollen Knee

Thursday night I was getting ready for bed and discovered that one of my knee caps was missing!


I know that’s an awkward picture but you can see that my right knee is quite a bit smaller than the other! I thought that it had been feeling “funny” that day but didn’t really pay attention to it.

I have no idea what happened. I went for a run earlier that day, remember ? But there was no pain in my knee whatsoever. Not when I was running, and not when I noticed it was swollen.

I didn’t run yesterday because I was afraid of really hurting it. Part of me thinks it’s no big deal, but I am a little worried. When I was a freshman in high school…I did something to my right knee. I can’t remember what exactly but I think it was something with my tendons. It was bad enough to keep me out of track for most of the season. But the part thy mostly sticks out for me is that a few days before my injury I was shopping with my mom and I told her that my knee felt weird. I remember telling her that it felt like a tight rubber band.

So now I’m worried that this swelling could be a warning sign. Today I’ve been bending down a lot and kneeling and that left knee is starting to ache.

So instead of risking an injury right now I’m going to call the doctor and schedule an appointment. Hopefully he says everything is fine. Because I’m determine to this triathlon on June 9th even if I have to walk the run portion!