A Recap Of The Day

This morning I collect my thoughts, regained my confidence and prepared my self to lose weight like I’ve never done before. I know I’ve been making mistakes lately regarding my weight loss lately and its time to stop!

Its seems like I have a good day then throw caution to the wind the next day. I need to get back in the habit of doing good all day everyday.

Today was actually a really fantastic day. I had an early start because I had to work at 6 this morning, however i was tired all day, (which has actually been happening quite regularly) but I managed to make good healthy choices all day long.

Here’s a look at what I had to eat today:

Breakfast: McDonald’s Fruit&Maple oatmeal (290 calories)
Lunch: Iced white chocolate mocha non fat 16 oz (195 calories)
Sabra-to go pretzel crisps and hummus (180 calories)
Blueberry pineapple soy smoothie (130 calories)
Dinner: Subway roast beef on wheat with cheese (370 calories)
Parmesan & Herb Sun chips (190 calories)
Dessert: Jamba Juice vanilla strawberry jubilation pop (80 calories)


Not bad. I was also able to go grocery shopping so now I won’t need to go out to eat. Thankfully! I picked up a bunch of cool stuff like chocolate peanut butter, garlic pretzel crisps, and breakfast togo granola

I feel more comfortable with the calorie counts coming from McDonald’s and Subway….they are stingy companies. I mean when I ask for spinach on my sandwich those sandwich artists put like 2 little pieces.

I also finally convinced my hubs to go for a run with me. Unfortunately he hasn’t been running regularly so he wasn’t able to run as long as I can, but thats ok. I didn’t mind walking a little more than usual. It was a lovely March day here in Washington, 60 degree! Here’s a picture from the beautiful sunset tonight.


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  1. Kate

    Dude, I had this same feeling. My weight loss has stagnated, and I decided to make another effortful push to make that fat come off. Also, I know it tricky, but you’ve got a lot of carbs in there. Rember you so better with less carbs, try to get in more fruit and veggies instead!

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