Oh The Frustration

I keep seeing the same number on the scale. That dang 206. On Friday it said 205.8 and I was really excited but it’s even at 206 the rest of the weekend. It’s frustrating because I’m used to seeing my weight tick down little by little everyday. But over the last week and a half it’s been at a stand still.

I think I know why too. I’ve been kind of relaxed about measuring. I have been diligently recording my food in my app, today is in fact my 50th day in a row of tracking my calories. But I don’t always get out the measuring cups or kitchen scale when I’m making something for myself. Over the course of an entire day of not measuring, the calories can really add up. Especially like on high calories food like peanut butter or mayo.

Problem area number 2. We’ve been eating out a lot. Like everyday…twice a day. It costs a fortune. There’s only so much you can do to pick a healthy dinner. I can ask for no butter and the dressing on the side and only eat half the dinner, but how do you know if that’s enough. Even when you look up the nutrition facts of the restaurant there is still only so much you can do. Sure it says the mashed potatoes are 200 calories, but for how big of a serving? Maybe the chef gave you more than he was supposed to.

The only way to completely control your calories is if you make the food yourself and measure everything!

So that’s what I’ve got to do. No eating out. No guessing at how much of something I’m putting on my plate.

In order to lose I need to be diligent!



3 thoughts on “Oh The Frustration

  1. martha84

    Best wishes to ya – you are intelligent in knowing where your downfalls are and accountable for your actions… Therefore you WILL succeed! :)

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