Feeling Overwhelmed

I’m feeling seriously anxious right now. Even my heart rate is up a little…about 20 beats per minute. I’m not sure whats going on.

All day I have been trying to figure out what is best for me when it comes to weight loss. What food should I be eating or not eating? How many calories should I be having each day?  How many times a week do I need to workout? Is training for a triathlon too much? Too little? Too time consuming? Am I setting my self up for failure? Am I going to be able to make my goal of 199 lbs by birthday March 13?

THE LIST IS ENDLESS! No wonder my heart rate is up.

Anxiety is nothing new to me. I’ve been battling anxiety and its partner depression my whole life. I’ve taken antidepressants as early as high school and off and on since then. But I have been managing without medication since about May/June 2009, which is working well for me right now.

This feeling just started today and it could be in large part to my new work schedule. I will now be working 40-50 hours a week rather than 25. (still have two jobs) I’ve been working around 45 hours a week the last two weeks, so maybe its just catching up to me now. I feel tired every day, but when I lay down for bed I can’t fall asleep. I love my jobs. They are not in anyway hard. But adding in an extra 20 hours takes its toll on a person, especially when you have to start waking up at 4:00 in the morning. Then take the fact that I work every single day of the week in to account and you can easily see how this can be tiring.

But then again what if this feeling has nothing to with work? I don’t really know what causing this. It could be weight loss related like my training scheduled getting messed up or a high number than I expected on the scale. Or it could be that my house is a mess and that always causes me stress. There a million things at any number of a time that can cause me to feel extremely anxious.

The thing that makes the difference is how I handle those things. How I manage my day to day stuff. I think the trick is to make sure I’m not spread too thin.

I need to figure out my priorites. Take a deep breath. And start fresh.

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  1. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    I feel ya on this one…. I tend to see my work/living space becoming cluttered and that is a huge reflector of how my mental health is… its a very interesting correlation…. i try to breathe and tell myself one thing at a time..

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