Relived And Raring To Go

Yesterdays anxiety is yesterday’s problem. I had a seriously need talk with my two knights in shining armor. One is problem solver (Kate) and the other holds me while I cry (Blake).

Here’s what I’ve decided.

My goal of being at 199 by next Tuesday, at this point is unrealistic. Thats ok. It doesn’t mean I’ve failed. It means I’ve assessed the situation and I have to adjust my plan. Thats ok.

I’ve been only eating 1400 calories for the last few weeks and I’ve been tired for the last few weeks. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. But I’ve decided to go back up to 1600. I was losing weight at 1600 and I know that I burned around an averaged of 2600 a day. So a deficit of 1000 calories daily is plenty!

6 days of proposed training days for the triathlon is too much. I think 4 days a week will be more than enough. 2 of those days will double workouts, running and biking in the same day. Swimming will be all by itself because its the hardest for me.

I’m also going to start recording my weight everyday. In a personal calendar and maybe a graph. So that I can get a better understanding of my weight fluctuations. I was thinking about changing up the way I record my weekly weigh in as well. I was thinking about recording the lowest weight of the week, instead of whatever it says on Thursday. I’m not sure yet though. I think I will start with just doing it on my calendar and see how things go.

I feel really relived. Mr. Blake fixed my bike up this morning, it needed a new tube! I’m headed out to ride in just a little! I’m very excited! I think these new changes will be great for me and will lead to a steady weight loss.


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