Yesterday’s Weigh In

Yesterday, I weighed in at 205.something. I can’t remember the what was after the point maybe a 6 or 8…who knows. Over the last week I’ve weighed between 204.6 and 206. This morning I was at 204.6. I was actually surprised about that because I had a big late dinner so I thought I’d be a little higher, so that was a nice surprise.

That’s what ususally happens. The day AFTER a weigh in my weight goes down a little! Ugh! Which is part of the reason I am thinking about recording the lowest weight I see each week rather than what it says on a particular day. But I’m not entirely sure that will show more accurate results or not. I think it will just make me feel better in my head. That’s why I’m still trying to decide.

I’m trying to keep in mind that weight loss isn’t perfect or exactly the same for every person so its good to try new things out and see how the work. But you also have to keep in mind that trying something new may or may not start working right way. You have to give things time and see if you like it or if your body is going to respond.


One thought on “Yesterday’s Weigh In

  1. Health Coach Meg

    I agree. Keep up the positivity! Also, how often are you weighing yourself? If the answer is everyday, it might be best to bring it down to once or twice a week to allow for normal fluctuations. That is not always easy to do, but it might be best if the numbers are driving you nuts!

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