Fatty Arms

I am sick and tired of my fatty arms! They have got to go! And quick!

I’ve been looking online for some arm workouts and man is there a lot of them out there. The only problem I have with them is that most of the workouts are for the whole body even though they focus on the arms more. Personally, I hate hate hate hate hate squats and lunges. They hurt my knees a lot. Plus I get a lot of leg work from running and biking, those will of course help me to burn fat thats all over my body including whats on my arms. But I want to build up that arm muscle too!

So after looking at many many websites with arm moves I’ve decided to pick and choose the ones I like best from each workout and come up with a unique plan that works for me. My idea is to make a workout that will last about 20 minutes, that I can do everyday. I want it to be short and fun, something I can do while I watch sit-com reruns.

So here goes:

You will need a set of dumbbell that are heavy enough to challenge you a tad bit but light enough to do the whole set. I’m going to use 8lbs, but a beginner could easily use a set of 3 lbs weights. If you don’t have dumbbells, be creative use a kettle bell, resistance band or even water-bottles. Anything to add a little bit of resistance.

All these moves come from the following websites: Women’s Health Magazine (moves 1&2), Self (3), Glamour(4).

Here’s the printable version: bye bye fatty arms!



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