The Weekend

This weekend was half good and half awful, at least health wise.

I did not workout this weekend.

Saturday I ate things that are terrible for me. Like 3 slices of pizza, chocolate caramel birthday cake, and fish and chips.

Sunday I had Taco Bell and then attempted to make yakisoba for dinner. Although, I did not go over my calorie limit for the day.

I just made poor choices. I know why too. I felt miserable. Saturday I spend the morning with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law at a baby shower for my husband’s cousin. But by the time I got home, I was almost in tears. I was seriously emotionally drained. So I ate pizza. Then we went to my mom’s for birthday cake, where I ate cake, and ice cream, and another slice of pizza.

Back at home I started crying because I sweat too much. Which snowballed into a giant ball of hating my appearance. I mean tears were pouring out of me. But Blake was right there telling me that he loves me no matter what my hair looks like, or if I am soaked with sweat. He’s very sweet. And very comforting. I’m very lucky. But I know that he loves me regardless of how look, but its all about how I think I look and how I feel about me.

At the same time Kate was texting me so I told her what was happening and she was amazing as well, reminding me of good things about my appearance. But the best news of all was that she said she can go shopping when she is up here visiting at the end of next week! Such great timing! We can go out of town and actually go to some real stores. (Thats one of things I really miss about living in a bigger city, or near the city even).

So now I’ve got to work my butt off, or rather my belly, so that when we go shopping, I look and feel fabulous!

I feel like I’ve being feeling kind of ho-hum lately. But now I have something to really look forward to.


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