Yesterday & 2 New Guidelines

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Nothing spectacular happened. Mostly I celebrated solo, but thats ok with me.

After work I took myself out for sushi!  I love sushi but my hubs doesn’t so I typically only have it with my friends from Oregon…the last time was in September! I looked up calorie information before I went so I knew what I was getting myself into. I got a California roll, and a “veggie” roll, but it wasn’t a typical veggies roll, it was sun-dried tomatoes and avocado….I hate sun-dried tomatoes! The girl said, “if you like tomatoes you will like it.” Wrong! Sun-dried tomatoes do not taste like tomatoes. I ended up tossing most of that “veggie” roll. The California roll was delicious, of course. It should have been right around 300 calories. I also got veggie yakisoba. I actually got it so I could have it as leftovers for today. But I ended up eating it yesterday for dinner.

I thought maybe Blake and I would go to dinner and for froyo, but he was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him up. So I had my yakisoba and took my self to get froyo! If all my counts are accurate then I ate right at 1600 calories yesterday. Of course there could be some variation but this morning, I was .2 lower than my lowest recorded weight so far so I think I did pretty good.

I also went for my first swim of triathlon training last night! I’m following this training plan for swimming, and the first workout went great! I’m a lot better than I actually thought. I was supposed to start my swimming last week but I was really nervous to go to the pool. But my best friend sent me all new swimming gear for my birthday, even a new suit and I wanted to use it! That really helped. At first I had no idea what to do or even how to get to the pool because its located at the high school in tow, but I got everything figured out and got my swim in. I felt very rejuvenated after swimming, if the weather had been nicer I would have gone for a run. The only part I don’t like is that lap swim is from 6:30pm-8:30pm, and I go to bed 8pm. So its like swim, shower, bed. However, I might be able to arrange things so that I swim on Fridays and Sundays, then I wouldn’t have to go bed right way. I try not to scheduled things on the weekends because those are the only days Blake and I have together, I’ll just have to see how things go.

Today I work both jobs so the only way to squeeze in a workout is to go swimming after work, so thats my plan today.

I’ve set up some new guidelines for me to follow…
1-Track water consumption!  I can do this right in the myfitnesspal app, so I just have to remember to do it! I drink “a lot” of water, but I don’t know how much exactly. Also when they says 8 cups of water do they mean 8 cups measured or like 8 glasses of water? I’ve never understood that, so I’m going by ounces. I need to try and drink half my weight in ounces….so about 100 oz daily! That’s quite a bit. Yesterday I estimated that I had 80 oz. I’m not including coffee or tea, even though in my mind…thats water!
2-Dinner by 6pm. This is because I have a terrible digestive system, I also get heartburn daily. If I eat too close to bed then my damn heartburn will wake me up in the middle of night, which is why I always have tums scattered all over the night stand/floor. This means that when I work in the afternoons, I will need to eat dinner at work. I can either take some leftovers from home or pick up something on my way to work. Its going to take a little more planning on my part, but it will be nice to sleep through the night.

I also did my “bye bye fatty arms” yesterday, it was tough! My arms were really feeling! Can’t wait to see the results!


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