Does What You Eat Matter?

Its Weigh In Day….coming in at 203.0! Thats a loss of 2.6 lbs from last week. Pretty good considering how I ate this weekend. But I really feel like I’ve been “back in the game” this week.

But I’ve also been changing up what I eat. As in I’ve been eating more veggies. Two days this week I’ve had salad with dinner, typically I’d rather have a piece of bread. I cooked fresh salmon one night and went meatless twice for dinner. I’ve also been having more whole wheat pasta(sometimes I get white pasta because its less calories), and fruit with breakfast everyday.

I have a hard time buying produce. I love fruit and veggies, I always have but my hubs….he doesn’t like anything! Well at least most of it. So when I buy a head of broccoli, I have to eat it all. I’m getting tired of throwing my money away when veggies go bad. Just the other day I threw out 3 yellow squash, 2 red peppers, and a tub of strawberries. Thats so wasteful I can’t stand it! I need to work on just buying one or two things and use those up, then go back for more. I don’t mind going to the store daily or every other day.

My little app has this nice pie chart that gives the percentage of carbs, fats, and protein I eat, I’m thinking its time to use it. I want to increase my protein and lower my carbs. I need to be mostly eating produce and meat, and eat a  smaller amount of grains. Maybe one serving of bread or pasta with each meal, and none with snacks, for a total of only 3 servings a day. I’ll have to see how this goes, because its going to have to be a something I think about rather than just grabbing what I want.

What are some of your favorites choices for produce? Do you ever pick white flour over whole wheat to save calories? I admit I do, but sometime its a huge difference. Like hamburger buns, they only have the large one in whole wheat but the smaller white ones are only 120 calories.


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