I’m officially wearing my first ever size 8 jeans! I’ve never been able to wear a size 8 before! (I suppose I wore a size 8 when I was growing from a kid to an adult but knowing me I probably just skipped that size.)

I’m ecstatic! Seriously! This is another thing I can cross off my 2012 Bucket List! Very Very soon I will reach the 15 lbs lost on there too.

There is no better high than looking in the mirror and seeing change! I’ve been measuring myself lately too and I am totally seeing results! I just wish I kept my measurements from when I did the yoga bootcamp, but oh well.

Yesterday, I headed to the store to get dog food and ended up getting a few groceries, I got some frozen salmon, 2 apples, a pack of organic lettuce ( it was cheaper), and another protein shake, this time mocha cappicino. At first I had two packs of lettuce but I put one back that I’m less likely to waste it! Smart move!

My hubs and I have decided to take out a loan to get him a new (old) truck. So we are putting ourselves on a tight budget, I’m going to have to plan my meals better and really need to stop wasting stuff (but I already knew that).

I had lunch with my sister in law yesterday at a place Blake and I go pretty frequently, I ordered the “queensland” salad because I was craving a chef salad. It had lettuce and mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, hard boiled eggs and a tiny bit of cheddar and bacon. We also go dessert to-go but I didn’t mine. I picked a stick of pistachio biscotti….I felt like it was the least amount of calories compared to the cookies, cupcakes and cheesecakes bars. Also it was the smallest portion out of all them. I was planning on eating with my coffee this morning but I left it at home so I’ll just have it with my afternoon coffee!

Then we went to Papa Murphey’s so she could get dinner for later, and she also bought me a pizza. I picked the Hawaiian deLite pizza, because it was only 158 calories a slice, and Blake likes that kind. She was bought me a S’more pizza last minute…..ugh! Its still in our fridge though. So for dinner I had 2 slices of pizza and a salad of mixed greens with raspberry vinegerette. For dessert a Jambia Juice popsiscle for 80 calories. And finished the day at 1485 calories total!

I also went for a bike ride and run yesterday. I did not feel like biking, but I told myself even a short one is better than none. I probably would have kept going but the wind was so strong that I could barely move. Right after I headed for my run, again very windy, but I did it, and that’s all that matters.

Overall, yesterday was a great day!


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