Weekends Are Tough

Another weekend has come and gone and it was tough to stay true to my healthy habits I’ve been developing. Its funny how good intentions always fall to the wayside.

Here’s what I had planned for the weekend:

Saturday: Wake up at a decent hour, have a small breakfast, go for a bike ride then run before leaving for work at 12:3 pm, have dinner at work, then go home for and relax for a little bit, in bed by 8 pm. Blake will be going to a St. Patty’s Day party.

Sunday: Wake up at 4:30 in order to leave for work by 5:30, breakfast and lunch at work, sensible dinner (probably out) with the hubs bed by 8 pm.

Here’s what really happened:

Saturday: Woke up at 6:45 am, breakfast at Denny’s with Blake but went for my bike ride and run when we got home. After that I went to T-Zone with my mom for a little bit, started have unexplained cramping. Begin to panic to freak out while waiting for doctor to call back. Head to work but stop at Safeway for chili and a sandwich to eat at work for lunch and dinner. Work from 1-6 pm, still freaking out about cramps but the doctor said not to worry. While at work my friends starts texting me and convinces me to go to the party too. End up getting Arby’s for dinner, ugh!Eating about 300 calories more than allowed. So we go to the party and stay up way too late.

Sunday: Wake up in time to get to work on time by some miracle because I did not set the alarm right. Made oatmeal to eat in the car but cooked it too long so it’s gross…. Stop at McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin (no cheese), and yogurt parfait. Work from  6am-1pm, end up eating a blueberry muffin for lunch along with a sugar free chocolate milk, and half of an iced mocha. Eat again at about 2 with husband and his friends, where I had a Blackened Salmon Ceasear Salad. It was delicious but I forgot to ask for my dressing on the side. Also had a Red Velvet cupcake. Then went to bed at 4 pm and did not eat again.

Such a weird weekend. I find it very hard to avoid eating the unhealthy stuff that I’m surround by when I’m tired. Every single day I’m handing out muffins and cookies to my customers, I rarely feel the need to have one but yesterday I couldn’t find that willpower in me anywhere. At least I didn’t completely blow my day by eating a huge dinner later in the night. I was just so tired and exhausted I just slept from about 4 pm- 10:30 pm, back at asleep around 12 until almost 5 this morning. Hopefully all that rest will be good for me so I wont feel so tired all day long like I usually do.

I’ve seriously got to focus on the week so make up for making poor choices on the weekend.