Weight Loss and Clothes

Sometime next week I’m going to be going a huge shopping spree with my lovely best friend Kate. I’m really excited especially since I am now where a pair of size 8 jeans! I’ve been dreaming of 8s forever! I can’t remember ever buying a size 8 before. Seriously. My sophomore year of high school, I was lucky enough to a get a few new outfits, which didn’t happen often in my family, but this is the first memory I have of being conscientious of my size. I don’t know everything I got that day but I do remember getting one pair of those noisy athletic pants that were a size 10.

In my weight loss roller coaster I’ve been all over the place in sizes, I’ve bought a size 18 before and have gotten down to a size 10, in fact I have a whole box of tens that I didn’t want to toss out because I always hoped of being a 10 again. I also have one pair of Calvin Klein shorts that my Mom got me almost 2 years ago that are an 8, at that time I had been doing great at losing weight and thought I’ll get into these in no time, but never did. I think I may have squeezed into them a time or two, but was rather uncomfortable while wearing them.

Currently I weigh 201 lbs, and people are always telling me that I don’t look that big. I think its important to use other methods than just what the scale reads to determine whether or not you are overweight. Every person is different, my sister weighs about 40 lbs less than me and wears a 10. And every store’s size is different. Which makes me a tad bit worried that if I try to get pants from a different store they might not fit and I might need a bigger size.

The other thing that is tricky… shirts! Personally I don’t think I look like on those people with a bigger torso and small little legs, or what people call apple shaped. I do think I carry my fat in my belly but its proportionate  to my butt and hips. However, my shoulders are kind of broad, I have a hard time wearing shirts that don’t have any stretchiness in them. I always find my self buying a larger or even extra large. Jackets are another area of problem, I like to be able to move my shoulders!

So my goal for this week and mostly today is to go through my closet and pick out the things that I can still wear and compile a list of things I need to get or replace. I’m also going to sort through the boxes of clothes and things in my dresser and keep only the things that I can wear, the rest has to go. I am thinking about keeping a few pair of my larger sized pants for when I get pregnant.

Once the list are made I’m going to start scouring the web and looking for ideas of things to wear! I’m dying to be stylish! I can print out pictures of things I like and look for similar items when I finally go shopping! Do you know of any good websites for such a thing?

I’m loving this site called Happy Money Saver! She shares “Budget Boards”  and man, are they cute!


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