My Newest Coffee Addictions

Since I stated working as a barista, about a year now, I’ve gone through many many coffee drink addictions. The first few were not healthy to say the least! During my first few weeks of work I had to put caramel sauce in every drink, which comes in at a whopping 110 calories a serving. Next came the white chocolate, that delicious chocolaty taste, I could easily suck down a 24 oz iced white mocha in a matter of seconds. Then I started adding flavors like pumpkin pie, french vanilla, gingerbread, peppermint, almond….anything you can think of I tried it. We easily have over 50 flavors.

I knew all along that the calories from these things were really adding up. Take for example, an iced white chocolate, french vanilla latte made with 2% milk is around 300 calories. And I never just had one.

Since then I’ve tried new things and different ways of making my coffee to reduced the calories. At the beginning I just switched to fat free milk, but I’ve come a long way since then.

I’ve started drink coffee only two ways:

1-Blended Protein Coffee Shake. This is something new I’ve been doing, and I love it. Since its now officially Spring, people are asking for more and more blended drinks. Me included, but an 8 oz blended vanilla latte starts at 180 calories, plus we add extra vanilla, an 8 oz drink at 260 calories – Not worth it! Here’s my version, one scoop of protein powder, (I use Designer Whey French Vanilla), 2 shots of espresso, sugar free flavor like caramel and chocolate, one big cup of ice and blend! Might need a splash of water. Only 125 calories 

2- Hot Americano. I’ve never really liked the taste of coffee, I won’t drink coffee made from a pot, so its surprising that I liked this drink. Its a regular americano. Just like a cup of coffee. 2 shots of espresso, hot water, 2-3 packs of sweet n’low and a little half and half or milk depending on my mood. Right at 80 calories. I actually crave the way this tastes sometimes. Some days I have 2 0r 3 of these things. In fact I’m enjoying one right now.


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