Oh Man!

I am thisclose, to finally reaching ONDerland! I weighed exactly 200 pounds this morning. darn. darn. darn! I wanted 199 so bad! I even took of my ring, and blow dried my hair to get rid of some extra ounces…didn’t work!

However, I am not complaining about a 3 pound loss this week! That’s phenomenal! Seriously, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve worked my butt off for those pounds too. I’ve come up with new ideas for meals. I had this for lunch yesterday: Mixed spring greens, salsa, 100 calorie snack pack of guac, 2 eggs, and 1 piece of whole wheat with a little butter! It was so good. I’ve craved eggs lately! I didn’t like that style of lettuce because it has arugula, which I do not like.

I’ve also been craving a good baked potato, I tried to make one in the microwave the other but…yuck. So I finally made one in the oven and it was so good! I could eat another one now for breakfast.

Your looking at a baked potato with steamed broccoli, and 100 calories of cheese sauce. I was so full I didn’t even eat the whole thing, but I did finish the broccoli. This is my absolute favorite way to eat a baked potato.

Here are some other things that have been really working for me:

1- WATER. I’ve always been a big water drinker, especially since I gave up soda at Christmas time. Just recently I started tracking how much water I have and noticed that I have around 80 oz a day, but I should be drinking like 100….so I picked it up! I’ve drunk up to 120 oz of water some days!

2- Extra Protein. For the last two weeks I’ve experimented with protein shakes. It’s not always delicious but I think it’s really helping me to lose weight. I’ve replaced desserts with shakes, added the powder to my coffee, or even had a shake to replace a meal.

Of course, I continue to track my calories. Every single day. And I continue to run, bike, and swim to train for my triathlon. I have 25 lbs to go and 11 weeks to do it. I got this.

World Best Running Buddy!


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