Zero Sleep (& Cockroaches)

I didn’t sleep last night. Well maybe I got 45 minutes of sleep.

Yesterday I left work 2 hours early and then headed over the mountains for a Kelly Clarkson concert with my sister and best friend!

Kate met me at my house around 10:30 and we headed off to Ellensburg to pick up my little sister on the way. In Ellensburg the three of us stopped for lunch a cute like Italian place, which I cannot remember the name of. I ordered half of a mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, & bacon panini with the soup or zuppa. Except they brought me salad instead of soup. Sad day! The place was really cute, they had red and white checkered table clothes and brought the water in little carafes. Overall, it was a pretty good lunch except I really wanted soup.

Two hours later and we arrive in Kent, WA where the concert was to take place. On the main road was a big sign for Yogurtland, so we pulled it, licking our lips just to find that it was “coming soon.” Darn. So I quickly asked Siri, where the nearest yogurt shop was and she found one only 5 miles away, so away we went. We checked strip mall after strip mall only to discover there was no yogurt shop there either….so we settled for ColdStone Creamery. (My sis had never heard of it….WHAT?) The ColdStone’s was in a cute little shopping center made of little building clusters, where they also had a sushi bar! Like the real kind of sushi bar, with the conveyor belt!

So we had our ice cream, and looked at a few shops but nothing struck a chord. Ready for dinner we headed into the sushi bar, we tried a few things they had running around us, but I love love yakisoba so I ordered a plate for the three of us to share. A few sushi rolls and one bite of yakisoba later….


OhMyGod. No fricken joke. We told the waitress, and she walked away. So I trapped the damn thing under a soy sauce bowl and the man from the table over came and killed. Three members of the staff were told about it and they all walked away from us! I couldn’t believed it. Kate and I sat there with the most disgusted faces just staring at our the food, while Kay ran off the bathroom to barf. Several moments later the waitress came over and let us know that we didn’t have to pay, which is a damn good thing because there is no way in hell, that I would pay for cockroach noodles. Kate and I would have FOUGHT with her over that.

Stomaches churning, we ran out of there and bought some tums. Not that tums really help much when you quite possible ate cockroaches, but at least it makes you think it might. Bah. I’ll probably always shudder when I think of that moment.

After that we did a little shopping at Target & Ross, I got a thick brown belt that will go with this paisley dark blue skirt I got a few days ago. I almost got some cute brown shoes, like flats but with the tiniest little wedge like heal, but every single pair of them had a scuff on one shoe, and I’m not going to pay for shoes already scuffed. I also picked up a blue and white strip tank top with braided straps. It will look really good after a few more weeks of my Bye-Bye Fatty Arms Workout!

Next was concert time! Kelly was great! Even thought I bought the cheapest tickets possible, the venue was small enough that we could see well. It was such a blast, we had so much fun belting out her songs. Her opening band was Matt Nathanson,  he was a few popular songs but I just wanted feeling it. I do like his songs that play on the radio, it must have just been my attitude or something.

After we left there around 11, we went searching for cockroach-less food and had Shari’s for dinner. I was already dead tired with a 3 hour drive in front of me, so I opted for something I thought would wake me up and give me some energy. I had biscuits & gravy with hash browns and scrambled eggs. Unfortunately, it was not delicious. I felt disappointed. I don’t know why I thought that would give me some extra energy, but I felt like I was robbed of some valuable calories that I was offering up in exchange for something yummy and I got something mediocre at best.

I think it was just a bad day for me and food because we also stopped for a latte from McDonald’s (don’t even get me started on “espresso” from there) and it was gross too. We ended up stopping at another McDonald’s to get it fixed. I don’t pay for coffee very often and when I do it better be damn good.

We made it home safe and sound even though everyone was worried about us going over the pass. I had 45 minutes to get a little sleep in before work. Luckily, I only work 4 hours this morning. So far I’m drinking an ice-cold glass of water and about to cook up some oatmeal. And planning on having a regular latte with sugar in it and everything…I think I will survive.

I’m also celebrating my 1st wedding anniversary this weekend, so after work I get to leave for another trip with my wonderful hubs!


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