A Heath Update

Last week was a toss-up, half good and half bad.

Starting with working out. I only worked out twice. And only one of those was good workout, that counts towards training for the triathlon.

It all started last Saturday, after my big 7 mile bike ride and 2 mile run, I started to have really bad cramps, like that time of month cramps. A short while later that time of month arrived, the only problem is…I already had that time of month this month. These two “times” were only 7 days apart. I started to panic and worry, I was scared. When you are thinking about having a baby sooner than later, the last thing you want is for something to malfunction down there. Well my mom suggested maybe I worked too hard in my workout…doubtful. But that tiny little question got deep in my head and convinced me that maybe it was true and I should take it easy until I could see the doctor. Apparently taking it easy means do nothing in my brain….but thats exactly what I did no workouts whatsoever until after my doctor appointment on Wednesday.

The doctor assured me that I did not cause it to happen by workout hard. No need to worry. So I left, went home and laced my sneakers. My run that day was great! My run pace was around 9:20, and I went 3 miles. The fastest and farthest I have yet to run. I was proud of myself!

With Thursday jam-packed with the Kelly Clarkson concert, there was no time to squeeze in a workout.

So Friday when I was booking a hotel for our weekend getaway, I was looking for one with a fitness center because Blake was worried about my going for a run in a strange big city  all alone. Luckily, we found one with a workout room and heated outdoor pool! With almost zero sleep on Friday there was no energy for a workout. But I did get a small one in on Saturday.

Now about healthy eating…

I could have done better, but I planned on eating some less healthy food while we were away. I did not drink enough water that’s for sure.

My weight is up a little bit, but I can tell I am bloated to the max right now. I’m just hoping to be at the same as last weeks weigh in, if not less.

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2 thoughts on “A Heath Update

  1. ro

    Keep up the good work. One lesson my inner athlete is working on teaching me right now is, slow and steady wins the race. It’s so hard to swallow when the scale isn’t moving, but then the scale isn’t our judge. Any movement forward is movement, some weeks will be off, the point is that we get back up on that horse and ride it like an improper cowgirl going to battle. No side saddle, straddle that baby and ride like the wind. We can because others have before us, and we are no different. If we want it, we’ll get it. Period. Godspeed!

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