Some Interesting Stuff On Juice Fasting

First, I’d like to clarify. I am not doing a juice fast. There is absolutely no way I could go even one day without eating food that needs chewing. Even though I already had the juice I made last night….I’m still dying to eat right now. I brought a banana with me to work in case I got hungry and I swear its staring me down.

I honestly do not believe that there are “toxins” in your body. The very definition of a toxin is a poison. Here’s a link to a good definition. Do we put things into our bodies that are not good for us? Yes. Of course, I can name a few: cigarette smoke, alcohol, McDonald’s fries! haha!

I found this article, on a website called Science-Based

[…]Hence the obsession with “toxins” in foods, in vaccines, even “toxins” arising in the body itself. The height of inanity is the belief in “detoxifying” diets and colon cleansing. The human body does not produce “toxins.” That’s just a superstition of the “alternative” health community. The waste products produced by the human body are easily metabolized by organs such as the liver, and excreted by organs particularly designed for that purpose such as the kidneys.

That pretty much sums it up. The waste and things our bodies cannot or does not metabolize…comes out…another way….its called #2.

Even though I’ve known from the start I wouldn’t do a full juice fast or even a day of juice fasting. I still wanted to try it. I wanted to taste some yummy veggies and fruit juices that I made myself. But apparently according to this guy. I didn’t make juice, I made raw baby food. MMM….baby food.

But really I did find a bunch of interesting stuff about juice fasting. Just trying in juice fasting into google and I’m sure you will find the exact same stuff, in case you don’t feel like doing that much work, I’ve decided to share a few of the things I found.

This site called Doctor Yourself has good instructions on how to do it. Its a no mess website.

I like this blog, Challenge Myself, its old, she hasn’t posted any new stuff really, but there is good information from her old stuff. Personal experience in juice fasting. Always helpful. And she is somewhat funny.

In the end, I know juice fasting isn’t for me, but from time to time, I will be making myself some juice or rather raw baby food! But I still find this information very interesting.


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