Tears are just waiting behind my eye balls right now, begging to come out. I don’t know what going on, but I am miserable today. I feel so depressed, I wish I could curl up in bed next to Blake and go back to sleep.

I think a little bit of this is from my juice fasting. Today is the second day, of juicing plus dinner. I’ve made this concept my own a little bit. Since I work such a random, wacky schedule I’ve decided to make it juice plus one meal. Today it’s going to be lunch. I’m going to have a vegetarian burrito from Taco Del Mar. I’m really looking forward to it, literally counting down the minutes until they open….only 8 left.

I feel stressed out because I’m working around 50 hours this week. I didn’t get to see my husband this weekend, we spent maybe 3 hours together. I feel like I want to move back to my hometown which is only 30 minutes away. That’s where our friends live and where one of my jobs is located. I feel like life will be easier over there for some reason, I could quit my job here and just work part time with next to zero commute. Hangout with friends on the weekends and not be gone all day doing so.

It would be nice for me but not so great for my love. He would have to drive to over here for work everyday, while right now I only drive over there for a few days a week. His truck wouldn’t be the best for doing that kind of driving so he would have to take the car.

I just don’t know. I don’t think in the end that would make things easier for me. I’m just having a bad day. Also I don’t know how I will be able to make my juice for dinner because my darling Blake is sleeping, and the blended will wake him up. hmmm…


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  1. ro

    I felt the same way during my detox, stayed in bed on day 2. It sucked, big time. Deep breath in, exhale out. It gets greater later. Hugs sister.

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