Guess I’m Not A Quiter

Is it ok to admit that I really missing blog on this site? I spent many hours trying to make my other blog exactly how I wanted it but its not the same. I have spent several months pouring my heart into this particular blog that I’m not willing to stop just quite yet.

A part of me feels slightly embarrassed to change my mind but everyone changes their mind sometimes right? I’m not perfect and I’m quite sure that if, by some miracle, I was in fact perfect…it wouldn’t make for a very interesting story. I think people want to read about other people who struggle just like they are doing. They want to be encouraged by the small things, and compare themselves. How many times have you heard someone say, “if so and so can do it, so can I!” How many times have you yourself wanted to give up? I feel like by saying I was done with this blog I was giving up, well now I’m trying again.

I’m not quitting this blog after all, but I am going to include more of the “other stuff.” I’d really like to thank Ro at Ro Does Life, for encouraging me to make this blog all about what Erin Says. If you have not read her blog yet, I highly encourage you to do so! She is hilarious!! And loves Red Robin….by the way who doesn’t? MMM…steak fries.

I’d also like to thank Christina at christinarussel. For being so supportive and so thoughtful. Have you heard that she is going to be in a commercial for eDiets??? I’m dying to see her photos! Seriously this is inspiration at its best!

And I’d like to thank the blooger at DrinkWaterEatOatmeal for her kindness and thoughtfulness.

I do have some great news to share but that will have to wait a little while because I did not bring a phone cord to transfer any stuff from my phone to my laptop!


3 thoughts on “Guess I’m Not A Quiter

  1. christinarussell

    Awww..thanks Erin! Good to have you back – just take it easy and incorporate lots of other stuff too…like Ro says, it’s all about what you say…so we’ll follow you no matter what you blog about ;)
    ps – I heard my commerical is out across the country in select markets. I haven’t seen it yet, but my ex-boyfriend from high school (20 years ago) said he was laying in bed a few nights ago and up I popped on the commercial :) Let me know if you catch a glimpse. I’m dying to see how I look!!!! lol

  2. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    it warmed my heart big time to read the nice things you had to say about me. i’m so glad i could support you b/c as you said… thats what we’re here for. we all like to read about each others successes to celebrate and each other’s struggles to support. can’t wait to keep on reading. ps you’ve inspired me to finish and post a very personal/tough entry i’ve been holding onto.

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