Kia & Running

On Monday, I started out the door for a run with Kia in tow. I started up my Ease Into 5K app, and started running. OH WAIT! I’m supposed to be “warming up” right now. I started to walk for maybe a split second and then thought to myself, if I want to run I’m going to run!

My new running shirt from Blake! Love it! Very bold

So I ran. And kept running. I have a pretty good idea of the distances when I’m running to the park, its a little over a mile there, then I can run through the park for about half a mile. So here I am running…past the one mile mark, and I told my self I’ll turn around at the edge of the park. But I kept going. I kept thinking ok, I’ll turn around at the next sign, the next street, the next tree, but I kept going.

Oddly enough at 2.05 miles, little miss Kia just stopped running. She sat down on the side of the road and refused to move! It was hilarious! Let me tell you, my dog is a big girl at 92 lbs. Most days she is stronger than me. So here I am pulling on her and she won’t move an inch. Guess she had enough running.

Finally I got her to start walking back to the park, I think maybe she was just thirsty. I took her down to the lake to get a drink and play, which is her new favorite thing to do. And we ended up walking the rest of the way home. I have to remind myself that Kia has to build up her stamina too.

Hey Mom! Look those ducks, Can I get them?


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