I became a runner in the 6th grade.

All through grade school here in Washington…maybe everywhere(?), they test your physical capabilities. How many sit ups can you do in one minute? Pull ups? How far can stretch? How fast can you run a mile? I never cared, I remember in 5th grade my mile time was something like 12 minutes.

Then came “Mile Day” as we liked to call it in 6th grade and I decided to try for the first time. I was beat by one other girl (and a few boys but they don’t count), a girl who was known for being fast. Turns out I was fast too. From then on, I always tried hard on mile day. That year I did my first ever 5k. It was called the Sage n’ Sun, also the name of my small town’s annual festival, I think I came in 5th or 6th place for my age group, I can’t really remember but I know I got a ribbon.

Ever since then, I’ve wanted to run in Bloomsday. Its a huge race that takes place in Spokane, Washington. Everyone around here knows about Bloomsday, and everyones wears their Bloomsday shirts proudly, especially the Monday after the race. When I was in school I wouldn’t care ask my mom to take me to Bloomsday because we didn’t really travel, I thought Spokane was too far away. The years after that I started to put on weight and running was pushed to the back of mind.

But now, here I am preparing for my first triathlon and running is in the front of my mind again. Then a facebook post from a page I’ve “liked” smacked me with Bloomsday posts.

So I signed up!


On May 6th, 2012 I will be running my very first Bloomsday. But there’s a catch….its a 12k. Or 7.48 miles. Uh say what? SEVEN AND A HALF MILES!  Ok…so I haven’t exactly ran that far….like….ever. BUT I believe in me. I have just over 3 weeks to nearly double my milage and I can do it. In fact, if I had been following a training plan provided by the Bloomsday people, this would be the first week of running more than 3 miles anyway. So I’m not worried. Worst case scenario…I have to walk a little bit.

The best part is…if I’m very lucky and get there in time. I can meet Ali Vincent from the Biggest Loser at Starbucks downtown and JOIN HER TEAM! 

I’m very excited, but I am really going to have work my butt off to be able to run for 7.5 miles. Especially since I will be running solo.


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