An Amazing Night

Tonight I had the best run of my life (so far).

I took off this evening without Kia for the first time. I felt a little bit like I was betraying her, but Blake and I talked about it and we think its best for both me and our doggy, for her to stay home on my runs. We think maybe the reason why she stopped running the other day is because of her lungs. Kia coughs like a smoker, like a smoker that has a few packs a day. We took her to the vet, but they don’t know whats wrong…and we can’t really afford to keep running tests because we’ve already spent a pretty penny trying to figure it out.

Anyway. Off topic. So here I go out for a run, feeling pretty good. On the schedule was a 5-minute warm-up, 20 minutes run, and 5-minute cooled down. It was tough but it felt good, especially when I was done and saw that I had gone 2.78 miles.

But that’s not enough for Bloomsday.

So I started another training plan, one with a few running and walking intervals, rather than just running the whole time. Although I wasn’t running quite as fast for the second one, I added another 2.85 miles.

GRAND TOTAL: 5.63 miles! Holy Cow! Pretty sure that’s the farthest I’ve gone ever. I did it in 64 minutes. Overall, including the warm-up and cool downs, I walked 26 of those minutes and ran 38. I think thats pretty good for my first real long run. Then I entered it into myfitnesspal and it claims I burned something like 1300 calories! WOW! I really need to remember to wear my bodybugg to see how accurate myfitnesspal really is.

When dinner time rolled around I thought for a minute or two, “I just burned 1300 calories, I can eat what I want!” Which honestly I probably could have, but instead I choose to head to the grocery store and pick up the makings for some damn good beef stir fry. 

I also picked up half a watermelon for dessert but my dinner was too filling!

Well now I am feeling like a badass! I ran almost 6 miles and I had an amazing healthy dinner…and dessert will be a juicy slice of watermelon!


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    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      Yep, I’ve had it since September I think but I haven’t been wearing it very much lately.Basically is a little device you were on your upper arm that uses your temperature and heart rate to determine how many calories you have burned. It also counts how many step you take. I have the bodybugg sp, its supposed to wirelessly upload the calories I’ve burned to my iPhone but mine is broken. There are other versions that can wirelessly update to a watch. In order to see my results I have to plug it in to my computer and there is website that shows the info in charts and stuff. I think there are better options for the similar items that do that same thing. If I could go back in time I’d do a little more research. :)

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