Friend Makin’ Monday: If Life Were A Movie

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If life were a movie, which one would you want to live in?

This is fun topic, at first I thought it would be like what movie best depicts my life?  Then I realized that it doesn’t need to depict my life, it’s what movie I WANT to live in, and I’m sorry to say that this was E.A.S.Y.

The clothes. The shoes. The drinks. The city.

This movie/the tv series has turned me into someone who is dying to go to New York. I think their life is fabulous and I want some of it! I’d love to walk into my overstuffed, giant, closet and pull out a brand name dress with my never worn Manolo’s and dash out the door of my wonderful, downtown apartment to my dashing boyfriend, who just happens to be waiting in his tuxedo and town car. Of course, we dine at one of New York’s finest restaurants and drink many, many Cosmopolitans.

I could live with a day like this…

Yes. That’s the life I’d want to live. However, I’m lovin’ my current situation even without fancy labels on my clothes.


One thought on “Friend Makin’ Monday: If Life Were A Movie

  1. Emily

    Here via FMM. I’ve not really watched much Sex in the City, but I know lots of girls who do. What I’ve seen of it is fun, though!

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