Ohme Garden

I finally convinced the hubs to go for a “hike” this weekend. I found this really cool website, Washington Trails Association, that has a map of hiking trails around the area, it has descriptions and pictures, so you for a beginner that’s fantastic.

We headed to place called the Quincy Recreation Area or Quincy Lakes, its only about hour from our house. I thought it would be really cool to go there because I’ve actually been there before, my “Dad” used to take us there to go fishing when we were kids. I also went camping there once when I was 16 (I caught a turtle and took it home!).

We got there in the early afternoon only to find out that we can’t park the car because we don’t have a discovery pass! GRRR! We didn’t want to risk getting a ticket. We drove around and looked at all the lakes and then left. Sad day. But since we were about half way to Wenatchee, WA we decided to go to town and get dinner.

Blake wanted to go to the Harley Davidson store, which is right by a place called Ohme Garden. Which I had never heard of, but Blake went there on field trip in the second grade!

This place was fantastic! Its a little hill on the crest of the Columbia River, but its a gorgeous man-made garden. They have stone trails and walking paths, we walked about for around an hour. Its supposed to be like a natural garden, there are not a bunch of exotic flowers or things like that.

Hidden Pool: Only visible from the a few points on the path

The first wild lizard I’ve ever seen! I didn’t even know we had lizards around here.

This is above the Wishing Well we tossed our nickel into.

The view of the Columbia River and surround Cascade Hills, to the right are the mountains.

I’d recommend this place if you are visit Wenatchee, its really lovely. And you might see a lizard! It was a nice alternative to the hike I planned. Now excuse me while I go purchase this Discovery pass! (The state has to make money somehow)


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