Changing It Up

I want to scream and cry and throw a fit like the 25 year old baby I really am deep inside.

But I won’t. I’m don’t know what’s going with my weight right now. Today I was up from last week, you can see my actual weight by clicking here.

Instead of throwing a fit. I’m going to change things up like you wouldn’t believe. When I started to write this I had no idea what to do. I was trying to start this post and upload my info on my bodybugg to the website so I could look at my calories burned and update my weight. Then I got distracted by all the information on the bodybugg site.

The really cool part about having a bodybugg is that when you update your weight it will tell you how far off (or on) from your goal you are now and how to fix it. It gives a bunch of options like reduce calories deficit or reduce calorie intake, and other things. The one I chose today was: Change goal and calorie deficit. With only 8 weeks left until June 9th, there is no way I can lose 25 lbs. So my new goal is to 183 lbs by June 9th.

Yesterday, I gave myself a rest day. I was sore and tired, I really felt like a rest was the best thing to do. But I wore my bodybugg all day, which gave me a baseline for an average day. On day where I worked about 6 hours and cleaned the kitchen, no extra workout I burned 2800 calories.

Ok so… thats nice to know! That means I need to eat around 1800 calories, I really don’t want to have too big of a calorie deficit and I’ve been burning around 600-700 calories in my workout. When I’m running or biking several miles each day or I need to be able to fuel my body. That still gives me a deficit of around 1700….too much if you ask me. I want to be right around 100o calorie deficit. Which would equal 2 lbs a week loss.

The bodybugg program also comes with a meal plan. It tells you what to eat for each meal, just like every other plan. I’ve never used it. I don’t usually follow any meal plan. I like to cook, but I don’t like to buy tons of ingredients. Those plans always have you buy tons of stuff that you use you one day and by the next week it spoiled and I have to toss it out. Plus Blake won’t eat most of that stuff. They bodybugg plan doesn’t include any weird stuff, but its very carb heavy and includes a lot of the apex brand supplements which I have no intention of buying. And doesn’t include very many veggies….at all.

So I need to come up with my own meal plan. One that works for me and it needs to be flexible yet structured. I need to be able to rearrange things but still stick to the plan. And say no to pizza and froyo! When I end up making food decisions as I go, I tend to make poor eating choices.

So this is my new plan(for now) I’m going to try it out and see how things work. If I know one thing about weight loss is you have to be flexible and realize somethings work and some don’t. Some stop working after a while, you have to try new things. If it doesn’t work I figure I’m no worse off.


2 thoughts on “Changing It Up

  1. Janet

    Stay strong and I am sure things will eventually move on again. About changing things up, I am sure that it might help. Sometimes the body gets so used to the “usual” food choices that weight-loss sort of stagnates a little. Changing things helped in my case. Keep it up!

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