Friend Makin’ Monday: Q&A

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FMM: Q & A

1. Share one thing that has changed about you since you began blogging.  This is a tough one, I’m learning more and more about myself.

2. If you were forced to give up chocolate or potato chips for an entire year which one would you choose to live without? Chips. I barely eat them now so it would be easy but right now I’m addicted to Dove Dark Chocolate bars.

3. What’s more attractive?  I guess a suit…

4. If you could be a guest star on a reality show which one would it be? I want to be on a cooking show like Chopped!

5. What is the last meal that you prepared for yourself?  I made a delicious turkey sandwich today. Turkey on wheat bread, light mayo, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. With a few tortilla chips, sweet mini peppers and mango on the side.

6. Is your hair colored, or is it natural?  All natural

7. If you could leave town today and go anywhere, where would you go? Anywhere!

8. Do you prefer to exercise at the gym, at home or outside?  I typically workout outside which is nice but I’d also like to join a gym.

9. Have you ever asked someone out on a date?  Not that I can think of

10. How many cups of coffee do you drink on an average day? Usually one…with a triple shot. Maybe two.

11. Do you pack lightly, or do you over pack?  Always overpack but end up forgetting something…or lots of things.

12. What color are your nails now?  I’m wearing Play Date by Essie. Its a light purple. LOVE IT

13. If you could have lunch with one notable (living) person who inspires you who would it be?  I don’t know.

14. Who is your favorite professional athlete? Again no idea.

15. Gum or mints?  Neither, I buy gum but rarely chew it.

16. Have you ever eaten crawfish? I don’t know…lol. I don’t think so though.

17. List one or more human characteristics that are a complete turn-off.  Smelly ness. EW eew Ew.

18.  What is your favorite season?  I like summer for the cliff jumping!

19. Do you prefer to shake hands or hug?  I guess hugs? I’m not a really touchy person unless they are family so I would hug family.

20. Can you quote lines from Saved by the Bell from memory?  If so, what’s your favorite?  No.

Happy Monday!