So Awful

This weekend I had food poisoning.

It was absolutely the worst thing I’ve experienced. For two days, I thought I was dying, or maybe I was hoping that I’d just die and stop suffering. There’s not much you can do to fix yourself after you’ve eaten something that made you sick besides just deal with it as it comes. The best thing is sleep.

I couldn’t really handle the pain so I’d just lay down and fall asleep. For two days I’ve slept more than I was awake.

I thought I was fine on Saturday morning when I woke up, so Blake and I went to breakfast like we usually do and I ate two breakfasts. Like two separate meals. Turns out after you spend a whole day emptying your stomach you will end up really hungry. I didn’t feel bad about eating that much at all. I needed the nourishment, plus I picked pretty healthy meals. Turns out I wasn’t actually feeling better and spent the next half hour in tears because really terrible stomach pains.

After sleeping more I actually did feel better later that evening which was such a blessing because we had to go to a birthday party for my husband’s grandparents, the both turned 70 this month! We had a lot of fun and I was very happy to be feeling like a human again.

I’m disappointed that I missed my Photo Friday last week but life goes on. I didn’t get any workouts in this weekend but I figure that acceptable given my situation. Now its back to the regular scheduled programming.