In A Weird Limbo

My husband stole my scale. Ok, well I asked him to hide until Thursday so I could stop obsessing over the number. I was just getting so frustrated at it from bouncing from 200 to 202 and back to 200 but never under 200. Now not knowing is driving me crazy. Mostly because I changed everything up last week but I don’t know if its working or not!

Talk about annoying!

I’ve been eating healthy this week, granted its only been two days. Better than zero days, right?! Yesterday we (Blake and I) went grocery shopping, we got a ton of healthy stuff. And a bunch of new things we’ve never tried before like, Trop 50 juice and green tea mix, Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies, and Probiotic yogurts.

I tried to get things that follow the Abs Diet super foods. The Abs Diet is plan that supposedly reduce belly fat, and it includes a list of “super foods” that are the supposed to the be the best for getting flat abs. Of course we all know that its impossible to spot reduce. However, the super foods list is really great way to make up healthy meals.

Here’s the list:
Almonds and other nuts
Beans and other legumes
Spinach and other leafy greens
Dairy-low fat or non fat milk, yogurt, and cheese
Instant oatmeal
Turkey and lean protein
Peanut butter all natural, sugar free varieties
Olive oil
Whole grains
Extra protein powder
Raspberries and other berries
I just think this is a good list to use a reference for picking healthy meals, a good way to remember: ABS DIET POWER!

I’ve been thinking about a lot about what I can do to speed up my weight loss, the thing that always comes to mind is weight lifting or at least body weight exercises like pushup, dips, squats and things of that nature. I’ve been spending all my time preparing for my race and the triathlon that I haven’t been doing those other types of workouts. Doing those would help my running too, so its important that I start adding them in, right away!



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  1. ro

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot too. I recently decided to cut carbs after breakfast. It’s been hard, and I have low carb snacks, but no starchy foods. Trying to drink my shakes for lunch or dinner and then the other is protein and veggie. It’s tough but seems to be working!

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