It’s All I Think About

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“I want to run a half-marathon,” I proclaimed last spring/early summer. I decided this after going for a few runs trying to get myself to lose weight again. I subscribed to Runner’s World magazine and bought new shoes, found a training plan only to lose interest. I would say, “As long as I start training by tomorrow then I’ll be ok.” Well tomorrow never came and I didn’t run anything let alone a half-marathon.

Now almost a year later, I’m less than two weeks away from running a 12k and I’m obsessed with running. Last night I spent my free time reading articles about running, nutrition for runners, running for weight loss and many other things, like how to prevent my toes from hurting and how to use those running jelly beans.

I think last year I tried to jump in the deep end with out knowing how to swim, this time I dipped a toe in first, slowly waded in and now I’m swimming.

Last week I picked up a water bottle belt (read:fanny pack-the thought makes me fall over dead), because after running nearly 8 miles I could barely close my mouth it was so dry. I also got a few packs of those jelly beans and a gel. I find that right around mile 4 I start getting a side stitch and my shoulders start to ache, supposedly the beans and gel will help with that. I’m finding that I need to fuel my body for running which is slightly different that for weight loss, although not by much.

Here I am now, only 45 minutes in to my work shift, dying to get off work so I can run. The running bug really bit me good.


4 thoughts on “It’s All I Think About

  1. Lorraine Toby Horton

    That is awesome!!! WTG I started walking for weight loss and though I am not to run ever again since my knee replacement and countless other surgeries, I do have a quick step and can get a mile down in under a 13 min/mile pace. I started with a 5k in Dec. 2011, and a 14k in Feb and I just did a 10k last weekend and on May 20th I will do a half-marathon!!! Baby steps is the way to go and not to mention I have lost 61lbs since I started this adventure! You can do it and you can do it great!!!!

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