Honesty Is the Best Policy

Remember how I told you my hubs stole the scale? Well I convinced him to give it back since its weigh in day and I wish I hadn’t.  If you go by my weigh in chart it says I gained .8 of a pound, but really I didn’t. I’m still in my 200-202 cycle, like a CD with big scratch so it just keeps looping back on the same word.

I keep saying that I don’t know why I’m not losing weight but I’m coming to realize that’s a lie. Even my husband, pointed it out yesterday. I’m eating too much, plain and simple.

Yes I’ve been picking healthy choices. Yes I’ve been staying in my calorie goal. But yesterday I ate all but one slice of a frozen pizza. I probably would have had the whole thing but I dropped one so my dog ate it. An entire pizza shouldn’t be in my calorie budget. Sure it was healthy (thin crust bbq chicken pizza with onion and I added a ton of spinach) or at least healthier than other kinds of pizza, but did I really need to eat the whole thing? No.

Yesterday I ate 2356 calories burned 724 for a net total of: 1632

Which actually doesn’t seem too bad, but then I realize I ate about 400 of those calories just because I could. That is the problem! I don’t need to be eating just because I have room. I need to be eating when I’m hungry and to fuel my body.

I’ve been thinking about seeing a nutritionist, but I have mixed feelings about it. I’m afraid I would be paying for something I can just get for free on the internet or the nutritionist will want me to buy tons of supplements and products. I’m worried that they would only be telling me things I already know. I just don’t know if its worth it. Do any of you have any advise on the subject? Have you been to a nutritionist? What was it like? I’d really love any info you’d like to share.



2 thoughts on “Honesty Is the Best Policy

  1. towardshealthylife

    It’s hard to be on calories goal sometimes. I think nutritionist do menus for you, depends if you like to follow a menu. If you do there is http://www.soscuisine.com/?sos_l=en. They give you menus for the week, the recipes and they even include a shopping list. Depends where you are, they include what is on sale that same week in your menus. They make diet menus at 1400 calories or 1800 calories a day, I think it’s 2$/week. :-)

  2. knowledgemaven

    It couldn’t hurt to see a nutritionist, sometimes they can offer a different perspective or confirmation. When I saw one some time ago and she offered her advice I thought, ” well duh of course I know that,” — truth is she confirmed what I knew to be true. That alone was valuable.

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