9 Days

Bloomsday is in 9 days! I will be running 7.46 miles with 50,000 other runners and walkers. Its my first “race” since Thanksgiving 2009.

From the Bloomsday website this morning!

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m totally pumped. I feel ready for it but I am a tiny bit nervous. My right knee had been hurting a little when I run and today its aching. In high school I had a knee injury, it was minor, no surgery just a little bit of physical therapy. So when my knee starts to hurt or feel funny, I tend to worry.

Today I planned on doing my last long run before the big day but I’ve decided to do it tomorrow instead for a couple of reasons. One, I would have had to fit it in between my jobs, I would have enough time but I’m usually tired after running for more than an hour and being that tired at work would be miserable. And two, I thought an extra day to ice my knee would be beneficial.

However, I did get a workout in! Today I did level two of Jillian Michael’s Shred With Weights DVD for the first time! I feel very proud to say, I only had to modify two of the moves. One was called Rock n’ Roll, where you start from a standing position holding the kettlebell in front of you, then lie down into a sit up position and then stand up again. I just didn’t have the core strength to stand up like that.  The second one was a push up with both hands reversed on the handle of the kettlebell. I couldn’t do this because of my wrists. I can barely do regular push-up because they are very weak, and I’ve had tendentious in them before.. It was tough workout but I loved it. Its nice to know how far I’ve come. When I first got that DVD I’m sure I turned it off early when I was doing level 1.

My plan for tomorrow is to get my long run in early, I want to do 7.5 miles so I can see my ideal pace for Bloomsday. Then after that, its low milage and cross training the rest the week. I’m thinking lots of swimming will be nice. I’m also planning to do one run around 4-5 miles and two shorter runs like maybe 3 miles. And two weigh lifting days, but those will need to be early in the week.

As for food, I’ve really got to fuel my body as a runner this week. Even though I’m not going to “win” Bloomsday, its still important to do the best I possibly can! To me that is winning!


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