Disturbing Advice

I keep seeing the same “advice” all over the place and it’s really bothering me.

Leave your cell phone at home and use your workout as an escape.

What!? Please do not leave your cell phone at home! I know that life is stressful and sometimes the only way to get away is to go for a walk. For some it’s the only alone time they ever get.

And some people are saying if you leave your phone at home no one can interrupt that. I’ve seen this in magazines, online, and even on tv!

I’m saying put it on silent but still take it with you. When a phone rings, you have the choice to answer it, it doesn’t answer itself. If you don’t want to talk…. Don’t!

I think you should alway take your phone with you. So many things could happen where you would need to call someone and have them come help you. All the “what ifs,” what if you fall, get bit by a dog, get lost, or get a cramp. The list is endless but in this day and age it’s just plain stupid to put yourself in a situation like that and not be able to get the help you need.

So there’s my rant. Take your phone, but if you don’t want to answer it…don’t! Be safe!


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