New Jeep

Last weekend Blake and I bought a new jeep!


It’s for Blake to drive, he has been driving a very junky Ford Ranger, which has seen better days. He has been wanting a new vehicle for quite some time now and he always finds one he loves that we can never get!

Unfortunately, neither one of us has good credit. Separate sides of the spectrum though, he grew up getting much of what he wanted and then continued that behavior when he moved out on his own. I grew up getting next to nothing so when I was turned out on my own I decided to buy what I wanted when I wanted. Neither one of us were taught about money as a young adult and both have suffered. (it’s on my list of things to teach my future children.)

Well now a few years later, we have been working very hard to fix our past and build up the current. It’s actually quite difficult but we are working on it.

Since we don’t have a savings (awful I know) we had zero money down for our jeep and when we went out looking at cars we didn’t think we would be making a purchase that day. Luckily we found a dealership that would work with us and we are very happy!

But that added car payment is going to be an adjustment for us. We have to save as much as possible especially in the next two months because the payments are bigger for the first two months. I know we can afford it, it’s just a matter of us actually saving what we can. We have the money, we just usually spend it on things like dinner out, or breakfast, lunch and dinner out. We are that bad sometimes.

The next two months are going to be very interesting but I’m glad we finally got Blake a reliable car! We have a bunch of things planned that tend to be expensive. There’s the trip this weekend for Bloomsday which means a hotel and meals out. We also have tickets to Silverwood that expire this month, and a trip to Oregon for my
best friends college graduation.

So expect to see some of my money saving techniques on here now! I think it will be a great addition to the blog!