Dealing With Pain

Yesterday, I went for an easy 4 miles run. I just wanted to move my legs and keep my body in running mode. The funny thing about running is… I hate every step I take, I love the before and after but when I’m running I’m just wanting to stop. So weird I know. The thing that keeps me going is knowing that I will feel amazing when I’m done.

Everything hurts when I’m running. Most of the time it’s something I can push through, like a stomach ache or when I get heartburn. Other times you need to walk a little bit and catch your breath like cheat pain. Then there are the times when you just need to stop and walk home to avoid injury.

Yesterday was one of those days. My right leg seems to be the problem. My knee hurts sometimes, my Achilles gets tight, and the bottom of my foot hurts. The foot pain is what made me have to walk home. I’m not sure what’s wrong exactly but there seems to be a painful spot right under my ankle on the edge of my foot.


Right there!

I’ve been icing it (and my knee) and using an electric massager seems to be helping too. Plus some ibuprofen.

I’ve been looking it up online and I’m not sure what it is, but I figure I’ll be able to it back on my running after my race on Sunday. If some rest done fix it, I’ll have to have to checked out.