Saving The World One Plastic Bag At A Time

A few weeks ago Blake and I watch a documentary about plastic bags. It was crazy informative, but I can’t remember the name so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Since then we have become more aware of our plastic consumption. We have always had good intentions, like a pile of reusable shopping totes… That never left the house! Now we are working on put those intentions to good work.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I was so proud of how well I did at avoiding plastics! I took the reusable shopping bags, I only used one of those plastic produce bags, and I bought big tubs of things instead of little one serving containers; like yogurt!

Which also helped me to save money! Individual servings of yogurt cost about 70 cents each but one bigger tub costs
$1.79 and there are like 6-8 servings in each one!

I bought tons of fresh produce. Some organic and some not. I’m doing my best to get the organic when it’s possible, we also went to the farmer’s market last weekend! And check out this mango!


That’s siting next to a conventional mango. It’s massive! It weighs more than a pound and a half!

With just one shopping trip I saved money, used less plastic, and gave us a boost in the weigh loss department! Win!



One thought on “Saving The World One Plastic Bag At A Time

  1. kwehkweh

    We didn’t look into how much we wasted until my mother in love brought up straws and lids and why we don’t need them. It made me think a lot. So she told us to save ones that can be used for projects or storage containers. We use old yogurt containers to store food in now. And other containers, cups, extra wood, bottles, straws (all cleaned) can be donated to most childrens museums or listed on craigslist to be reused by people. A friend at my work brought in a trash bin for used soda cans and the money goes to the VA fund. Good job on figuring out how to make it a good option in your life :)

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