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I wanted to share more about Bloomsday, but I was waiting for the official race photos. However, I’m just a blurry blob in most of the pictures so never mind.

So here is the official play by play!

I woke up crazy early super excited and ready to get going! I woke Blake up and we got ready. We arrived down town at about 6:30 so we could meet Ali Vincent, the first female winner for the Biggest Loser! She was very cool, very energetic and fun to be around! We got free t shirts, apples and a tattoo! Ok well I’m the only who got a tat and it took forever to scrub off!


Then we walked like 8 blocks to the nearest Subway for breakfast but they were closed! We ended up at Starbucks which was just one more block up. I got a egg sandwich and it was awful! We spent the next hour or so sitting in the car because it was freezing outside! We couldn’t move the car because we parked inside the event so the roads were closed until 1:30.

At 8:00 we went back to courtyard where Ali and her crew led a group warm up. It was fun and nice way to get energized! They also gave way a trip to the Biggest Loser Resort! So sad that I didn’t win!!!

After that we just stood at my starting area forever! I was in the orange starting group which is right in the middle of everyone…everyone meaning 48,000 people!


I was totally nervous and had a stomach ache. Once things got going group all walked up to the starting line and they shot off the gun and we started running. Or trying to run. It was very crowded and some people were rude! One lady elbowed me as I was passing her and then yelled “excuse you!” At first I was running at a pace that I could have walked faster. For the first mile and half it was very crowed but I finally got my groove and started to pick up the pace.

This was the first time I had ever run without music but thanks to the crowd I didn’t feel like I was suffering! Well except for when it comes to the hills, I didn’t train for hills… At all. The hills in this course were intense! Really going to work on running hills from now on.

After about 3 miles or so my foot started to hurt but it was bearable, however around 5 miles I had to walk some. In the ended the I had to walk about 3-5 minutes because of the pain.

The best part of the race was the last 2 miles or so. There were tons of spectators and people cheering! They stand on the sides holding out their hand for a high five! It feels awesome! There were people doing tricks with flags, people handing out otter pops, and my favorite people with hoses! It was so hot poured a few cups of water over my head!

I finally saw Blake at the finish line! I totally had a huge smile on my face! He’s my favorite cheerleader! Unfortunately he missed the photo op! Too bad.


The finish line!

I’m so so so proud to announce that I finished my first 12k in 1:19:51!! My goal was 1:20. Too bad I had foot pain or I could have done better, but I’m happy with under 1:20!

After you cross the finish line you walk down a long bridge where they hand out the finisher t shirts! Down there I saw my friends Kate and Adam, who came to watch.


Here I am with Blake completely exhausted!

After I collected my t shirt, we went out to lunch at one of mine and Blake’s favorite places called Waddels. They were on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

Overall it was a fantastic day!


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