That workout I made up yesterday is no joke! It seems easy but I am sore today! Also I’m very proud to say it was a hit on pintrest! I posted it because after I finished actually doing the workout I thought “oh yea I need to share this with everyone!” It’s perfect, it hits all three bikini zones…butt, shoulders, and abs. It took me about 35 minutes to do the whole thing but it felt like 15!

I did the workout in the morning after work and then convinced my hubs to go for a swim with me after dinner! I’m pleased to announce that I swam half a mile for the first time ever without stopping! This triathlon will eat my dust! One month until the big day! So pumped! :)


One thought on “Yowza

  1. Aly Sanger

    I saw your bikini body workout yesterday, meant to try it out but haven’t yet. Definitely going to though if you’re sore. :) Thanks!

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