Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

The best way to cool down on a warm spring day? Fresh homemade lemonade of course!


Ingredients: Half a pint of strawberries, 3-6 lemons, sugar of sweetener of your choice, water and ice! (the picture is a little deceiving)

Slice up the strawberries or chop them up in your blender if you are lazy like me!!

Next juice your lemons! You could squeeze them by hand but we happened to have one of these…


I had put it in a box for a yard sale but Blake made me dig it out! I hate admit it but it worked like a charm!

It will depend on how juicy your lemons are and how lemony you want your lemonade. So be sure to buy enough. Blake loves sour citrus so we used a lot of lemons!

Juice all your lemons then add your sugar directly to lemon juice in a pitcher. The acid will help to dissolve the sugar. We used about 2 tbsp of raw sugar and about 10 packets of sweet n low. Add as much as you need, but remember the strawberries will be sweet too!

Add a bunch of cold water, fill the whole pitcher. Stir until all the sugar is dissolved.

Pour over ice in your glass leaving room on top for a scoop or two of strawberries! And garnish with a whole strawberry!

Next a


Refreshing! Enjoy with a smile!


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