A Decent Day

My determination has to pay off this week! I know I can do it.


Today was a great start to the week! I ate healthy and got real sweaty!

For breakfast I had a peanut butter chocolate chunk breakfast cookie and a 10 oz sugar free latte from work. By far the best option available at work.

Blake wanted Burger King for lunch. I have a cold and ended up working at extra 2 hours so I gave in, but I ordered the chicken caesar salad with grilles chicken and a snack wrap. The lettuce was wet iceberg so I only ate the chicken out of it and I had most of the wrap, I left some of the tortilla.

Then I napped. A glorious nap for this sick girl.

I ate an early dinner of leftover arroz con pollo from dinner last Friday. (Which by the way, it’s a miracle I even had leftovers! Usually I eat it all in one sitting…. Go me!) There was only about a cup of the rice, veggie, chicken mixture. But it was plenty for me.

A little while later I headed outside to do to the bikini body workout I made last week. So tough on the legs! It was so hot outside, it’s actually in the 90s today! After that I went to the pool for a swim, but only stayed for about 15 minutes. It’s surprisingly hard to swim when you are constantly coughing.

For a post workout snack I made myself a protein shake. 1 scoop designer whey, 1 banana, 1 cup of the best apple cider ever, and 4-5 ice cubes! Delicious! And I ate one, yes just one, Dove dark chocolate square!

Now I’m going to bed early in hopes of getting up early so I can go for a run before it gets hot! It’s probably going to take 6 or 7 alarms to get me up, but I’m optimistic!