That Won’t Get You There

I’ve told you about a million times that this is the week I’m going to get under 200. And trust me, I’m going to make it!

This morning I was 200.8, officially my weigh in day is tomorrow but I’ll be happy if I make by Friday or Saturday.

Once I break this barrier, I hope my weight loss will be fueled and I can get to my goal of 175 a lot easier.

But I’d like to share with you, the one tip that’s really pushing me this week.

I tell myself…”that won’t get you to 199.” As in that slice of pie won’t get you to 199. Or that bite of Blake’s pizza won’t get you to 199.

Or the most recent scenario, I was dying to eat cheesecake or a cookie. Anything from the bakery case really…. But that won’t get me to 199.

So instead I splurged on this…


A 90 calorie piece of biscotti that enjoyed with a small warm lightly flavored vanilla latte.

Pure bliss. I loved every bite of it. And I will enjoy another one tomorrow and for the next 7 days (since 8 came in the box).

Was it as good as cheesecake? Well probably not, but it was a million times more satisfying!