A Big Let Down

I didn’t make it to 199, I’m really disappointed. I’m so close at 200.4 it’s like my body refuses to go under 200!

But I’m not going to stress about it, in fact I’m giving myself a break. This week was actually pretty rough.

All week long I had a pretty decent cold, it’s been annoying and makes work tough. I haven’t had my regular voice in a week. On top of that I’ve been dealing with the pain from what I think it’s plantar facitious. It’s very painful and makes walking quite difficult.

On top of that I developed that side pain and ended up going to the ER last night. I spent 4 hours there to find out I have kidney stones and basically
I just have to wait for them to come out! Yikes! It wasn’t fun but at least they gave me something for the pain.

Oh and I also stubbed my little toe so bad I might think its actually broken. Luckily the pain for my kidney stones fixes that too.

Add all those together and it makes it kind of hard to workout. My cold means I can’t really swim, my toe makes it painful to run, jump or even walk and my side hurts worse when I breathe hard. It’s quite the combination.

Overall, I’m just hoping to feel better and jump back on the workout wagon as soon as possible. I think I could bike just fine but my bike needs fixed so I’ll get the hubs on that ASAP.