New Running App + Dinner

Usually I use the iPhone app called iMapMyRun to track my runs. I love it especially the voice feedback! I set it for every half mile, hearing my pace and time really helps me push harder. I love being able to see how far I went when I’m done. Seriously the best part of running is the stats.

But a few days ago I was browsing the health category in the app store and I saw the Nike+ app and after reading the reviews I decided to purchase it. Which was a big deal because I rarely buy apps, I like the free ones! But I did have a gift card with just enough money left on it! I think the app was only $1.99.

The one big difference between iMapMyRun and the Nike+ app, and influencing factor that convinced me to buy it…is that it shows you how fast you were going in a gradient. Here’s a screen shot.


The red is the slowest and green the fastest. Sweet! This app also has voice feed back! The one bad thing that I saw in the reviews is that people said it was up to a tenth of a mile off and I thought it seemed a little off too. I know the route I run pretty well and every half mile would be several steps further than usual. I can deal with that.

I also like how it shows me this screen when I open the app.

I can’t wait until it says like 30 miles.

Then I made myself something delicious for dinner.


1 cup carrot, peeled and chopped, a handful of snap peas, and 1 cup chopped yellow squash on a piece of the aluminum foil sprayed with cooking spray. Drizzle with olive oil, about 1 tsp, and lots of salt and pepper.


Then put a piece of frozen fish (I used Tilapia) on top, and wrap up in the foil! Then place in a pre heated oven at 400 degrees! Like so…


Let it bake for about 35 mins. Once the timer dings, switch the oven over to broil and open the foil pack. Let it broil for about 5 mins, but keep an eye on it, you don’t want it to burn!


Yum! It was so good! This was so good! Its going to be a meal I eat over and over. It’s so easy. Plus you could use any fish, any veggies, any seasons, any flavors! Endless possibilities! And no pan to wash! Even better.