I finally made it! 199.2 this morning! ONEderland!

I’m really happy about this, I thought maybe body would never cooperate. I am also worried. It’s going to be hard to stay under 200, in a typical week I see numbers up to 2-3 lbs higher. I know it’s just normal fluctuation but I don’t want to let that discourage me. I’m also worried that it’s going to super difficult to lose more. It took me almost 2 months to lose .8 of a pound, at that rate I’ll never reach 175!

But at the same time I think that knowing that I finally made it can help me to not slip up as much! I still have 24 lbs to lose, but I know I can do it.

It will take a lot of hard work but I can do it.

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5 thoughts on “ONEderland

  1. thepeppypineapple

    HI there!! I just wanted to tell you congrats. Getting under the 200 mark for a woman is a big deal. You just keep doing what you are doing and NEVER stop learning more. The best thing to keep you motivated is EDUCATING your self on as many things as you can about your own health. You rock girlfriend! Both my husband and I have lost 100 lbs each before we met each other. Now we are on the road to finish getting the rest of the weight off together. I love helping people succeed :D If you have any questions or need someone to talk to about weight loss struggles Please e-mail me and I would love to help you on your journey!!! Erin I believe in you. Best of luck!


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