Not So Healthy Eating


I haven’t been eating the healthiest of foods in the last week or so. Since last Thursday. Eek.

I haven’t been over-eating either but my choices have been sub par. For the most part I haven’t had any veggies except if you count the tomato and lettuce that came on my crab cake sliders.

My first ever crab cake, I hate to admit I didn’t love it. It was good but not nearly enough crab! Plus the yput a very mustardy sauce on them…. I don’t like mustard at all.

This weekend Blake was off work for 4 days and I find that when I eat with him, I tend to pick less than ideal options. No fault of his, I just seem to lose a little self control when he suggests pizza at 10 am…. Or was that my idea??

I’ve also been away from home everyday this week. Another time I tend to sway towards the less healthier picks. Why grab a salad to go when they have fried chicken to go?! Actually I passed on the chicken but ended up with potato soup! Damn those soup stations!

Late nights at work, ok who am I kidding? 6 pm isn’t really late, but it feels late when I go to bed at 8:30…. I digress. Another time I tend to slip up none the less. When I’m headed home at 6, with a half hour commute it seems easier to stop at the store for something ready made then to go home and cook!

Ugh. I’m lucky that I didn’t do any major damage but this kind of careless eating leads to more and more pounds of fat sitting on my butt! Or belly, or thighs….well more like a combination of all of them!

I’ve also been dead tired. Like had no energy, really wanted to sleep all day. Coincidence? I think not. Healthy eating and energy, go hand and hand.

Today is looking good. I was prepared for dinner away from home, although it wasn’t very good. I’m headed to the pool right after work, I intend to swim some and then throw on my running gear and go for a run. Bricks are very important in triathlon training! (only a week away!!) so hopefully tomorrow I won’t want to lay in bed all day!

Then I will end the night with a tall glass of water! And Tomorrow will be another great day of healthy eating!