A Tad Bit Jealous

Someone I know is currently doing the HCG diet. In about three weeks she has lost 26 lbs. On average she losses around 1-1.5 pounds a day!!

I have to admit that I’m jealous, last week I lost .4 of a pound! Total weight lost in 5 months….18.2 lbs! It doesn’t seem fair to me. I worked hard for those 18 lbs.

This morning I told my hubs about the girl on the HCG diet and he said, “but she’s not any healthier.” Man, why does he have to be so smart!

Over and over Blake and I talk about this HCG diet and we always agree that it’s not a good idea for me. It may work great for some people but it’s not for me. First of all, some of the programs advise against working out. That diet has you eating 500-800 calories a day. That is not enough to fuel a body on a regular day, adding in a 3 mile run wouldn’t help any.

Another friend of ours knows someone that has also lost a lot of weight on HCG and he says that she looks great in clothes but in her swim suit she had lots of saggy skin. Which comes from losing the weigh so rapidly and not working out. Personally, I care more about how I look I clothes rather than without but I also want to look good in a swimsuit. I love swimming, going to the lakes, laying by the pool… So looking fab in a swim suit is high on my list of priorities. In fact on my 2012 Bucketlist, it’s number one.

I also have negative feels towards chemically tricking my body. I know we do this all the time when we take pain killers or medication but this seems different to me for some reason.

I guess it’s the old fashioned way for me. Healthy eating, working out and waiting! It might take longer, like a lot longer to lose all the weight but I will be healthier, that’s for sure.

What are your thoughts on HCG? Have you tried it? Or are you against it?


3 thoughts on “A Tad Bit Jealous

  1. towardshealthylife

    It is going to take longer but you have more chance to maintain to your goal weight when you reach it. The girl who eats 500-800 per day will pack the pounds when she change for a normal calories intake. It is so not healthy. What if she eat 500 cal. and burns 250? What’s left to feed her body? You lost 18 pounds but you probably gained lots of health right? :-)

  2. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    The thing that really comes to my mind is as soon as you started eating anymore cals than 500 or whatever you’d eat you’d inevitably gain weight back. I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up 5-800 cals daily. And any diet that advices against physical activity due to lack of fuel? just sounds not so great :/ that’s just my thoughts :)

  3. JulianeAshley

    hey, i did a lot of research on hcg and decided it was something I wanted to try. It is very restrictive and the phases help ensure the plan will work if followed. if you are still interested, you can check out my journey,,,, i am only on day 1 of the 2nd phase


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