Its Fast Approaching

This Saturday is the big day! My triathlon! I’ve been dreaming about doing a triathlon for nearly 4 years, and now it’s only 5 days away.

To be honest, I could have trained harder, I could have done more. But I do feel prepared for the most part. I am worried about the swim, I’m afraid I will get tired and not be able to finish. Or someone will push me or I will freeze to death!

My first and only goal is to finish (preferable not last). Maybe I won’t do the best but it’s still going to be a huge accomplishment.

Tonight I ran two miles on the track at the high school then jumped in the pool. Seriously there was 5 minutes in between the two sports. It felt good, but it wasn’t the most comfortable to run in my suit but I survived.

I also talked to someone that has completed in a triathlon before about what to wear, so tomorrow I’m going to do my swim in my outfit. Which includes a sports bra under my suit and capri running pants over. She said I will dry off over the bike portion so running all wet won’t be too awful.

Overall, I think it’s going to be great.

After my workout I enjoyed this delicious snack.


A handful of blueberries, a light banana yogurt, and a crunched up granola bar!


3 thoughts on “Its Fast Approaching

  1. Anne

    HI … I am a friend of Kenlie … GOOD FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!! You will have an awesome day today !!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about it. What a huge accomplishment !!!!! I did my first triathlon on april 20 of this year

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