My Very First Triathlon

For three years I have wanted to do a triathlon, and today I finally did it.
Here I am at the finish line with my finishers medal! Do you like my t-shirt? I designed it myself!

The weather was less than optimal! Friday, the BuDu racing team announced on their Facebook page that wet suits were highly recommended because the water was in the high 50s. Yikes. I went and bought a wetsuit and took it to the lake to test it out. The temperature with suit on was stRill cold but bearable, when I stuck my face in the water I could see all the seaweed and started freaking out. I spent the rest of last night so nervous. I couldn’t even eat! I laid in bed for hours unable to sleep. Even this morning I was nervous and unable to eat.

I headed to the park around 9 on Saturday, although I had to turn around about 3 blocks away because I forgot my helmet! Too funny. Good thing we live less than two miles from the park. It was easy to figure out where my transition position and get set up. Although, the people around me were not as polite and rule abiding as they should have been. But oh well.

After I got setup I had to get my bib number marked on my arm, they also put your age and gender on your left calf.
It’s blurry but do you see that at first they wrote an M for my gender!? Uh hello? I’m a F for female!

At 9:45 there was a meeting to go over some of the rules.

Freezing! Waiting for the meeting.

My wave started at 10:05.

The swim was the worst part, it was really cold. Swimming in open water is nothing like swimming in the pool, I can think of absolutely no similarities except but are wet! My very best word of advice is practice practice practice swimming in the lake if that’s where your tri will take place! Practice swimming with the wetsuit on. Not only was I scared to be in the middle of the lake unable to touch the bottom but I also felt very constricted in my wetsuit.

By the time I got done swimming I was exhausted, seriously, I felt like I had no energy. I think this was partly due to the cold and partly to with do my nerves. But I trekked on.

In the transition area.

The bike ride was very windy, and I’ll admit I was pretty discourage after that swim. The people headed back kept telling me, “it’s easier on the way back”. It really was, the wind was to my back which really helped. I also gave my self pep talk towards the end, I knew I was in the back of the race. So I yelled out to myself. No one cares if you are last, except you. So stop. How many people do you know that have done this? Three. That’s right. You are one of three. So stop acting like a baby and get it done. You are about to run and you are an amazing runner! It worked to get myself out of my head and finish the ride.

Here I am at the end of my ride headed into the run transition.

The run was difficult because I was so sore already, my shoulders and knees were aching. I also had cramps in my stomach at first but I kept going and I was able to pass a few people ahead of me which felt nice.


In the end, it took longer than I expected but that’s ok. I did it and that’s what matters. It doesn’t matter if your first or last, it’s the race that counts. I do feel pride in myself. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. So far.

I’ve received an abundance of support that I never knew I had. My finish photo on my Facebook has received around 40 thumbs ups or comments. Plus support on the blog, and most of all my hubs. He was there at every transition cheering me on, he posted shout outs on Facebook and even left me this cute note.


With my first tri in the books, I can’t say that I’m ready for another one yet but we will see! Maybe one in the pool?


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