A New Goal

I’ve decided to change my goal. As someone who has been struggling to lose weight for a very long time, it’s going to be very difficult to change the way I perceive myself but I know it can be done.

When I think about the number one reason I want to lose weight, the thing that comes to mind is so that I think I look good. Well I actually think I look good right now, but I could use some toning up. So instead of focusing on losing weight, I’m focusing on building muscle and toning. I want to build my fitness level rather than the number on the scale. Miles over pounds.

Of course this really isn’t much different, it still requires eating healthy and working out. The biggest change will be in my head. Changing my way thinking. Every single day I weigh myself, it’s my safety blanket. I don’t mind it when it’s higher, but if my focus is no longer on the scale then I will need to be phasing this daily ritual out.

My new goal is to increase my fitness level. I’ve decided to start myself on a 4 week Jillian Michaels bootcamp using her DVDs. Everyday a different DVD to help build strength and cardio endurance. I will also continue to run and swim as I find those enjoyable.

However, to know if I am really improving I will need to have a baseline to measure against. Which will include measurements, a photo, and fitness tests. Which I will do tonight and post tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this change.


One thought on “A New Goal

  1. ashesm

    Hey you might be interested in Chalene Johnsons 30 Day Push Challenge – it’s free! Should help you with organization and putting your goals into perspective. Which would be good for you since you want to tone up. Here is the Link: http://www.30daypush.com/
    Best of luck, and stay motivated!

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