First Week Of Cook At Home Challenge

Last week I joined an at home cooking challenge led by Kenlie at All The Weigh. The rules are that you have to cook 5 meals at home and take pictures of them.

This week was a good week of cooking at home but a terrible week of remembering to take pictures of it!

Here are few pictures though


Top left: Beef and Broccoli over rice. Wasn’t so great.
Top right: Ham and mushroom omelette pre-tri breakfast
Bottom left: Mac n cheese with tuna and peas. Reminiscent of my childhood.
Bottom right: Paula Deen’s recipe for cinnamon rolls, not in the slightest bit healthy although I did use way less butter than the recipe called for. These were way too good to ever be made again.

I also made spaghetti, oatmeal, and other things at home but forgot to take photos.

Overall, week one was pretty good. This week will be a little bit tougher because I will be out of town for the weekend but I know I can do it!


One thought on “First Week Of Cook At Home Challenge

  1. BRee

    I remeber I use to eat mac and chesse w/ tuna and peas. Its like a quick stovetop tuna casserole yummy.
    Good luck for this week!

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